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Our team has grown significantly over recent years to meet the need for analytics and innovation within the NHS. We have a broad range of skills and experience including NHS operations, economics, financial services, consulting, and clinical research.

Alex Round
Senior Analyst
Alex has a background in Economics and International Business, with additional expertise in technology and virtual event coordination. Since joining the team, Alex has delivered several mixed methods reports to clients, utilising both thematic and statistical analysis approaches, and health economic modelling. Recent evaluations include leading on a qualitative research-based leadership training programme, and delivering a thematic based mini report on students’ mental health. Outside of work Alex enjoys a variety of sports, escape rooms, and relaxing with his two large chaotic cats.
Becca Scrivens
Business Support Assistant
Becca graduated in 2023 after studying English Language and Literature at Cardiff University. She joined the team at the beginning of 2024 as a Business Support Assistant, and is most looking forward to supporting the team and contributing to company development in new and exciting ways. In her spare time, Becca enjoys reading lots of fiction, as well as weightlifting and hiking.
Ben Williams
Senior Analyst
With over 17 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Ben specialises in analysing and visualising data, developing measurement frameworks, and improving data literacy. He has previously developed data analysis tools for the Emergency Laparotomy Collaborative programme and provided support for metrics on all AHSN National Spread programmes and AAC RUPs. Currently, Ben is supporting a range of pathway and technology evaluations using mixed methods analysis. In his spare time, Ben is studying for an MSc in Health Informatics and is an occasional runner, having completed the Gatwick half marathon in 2019.
Cameron Murray
Cameron graduated with a BSc in Politics with Economics from the University of Bath in 2022 before joining the team in 2023. Having worked on digital research projects for a year surrounding collaboration in virtual worlds, he decided to pursue a career in the healthcare sector where he hopes to make a difference. Outside of work, you can find Cameron training Olympic weightlifting, going on walks, following Esports, or doing anything to distract from being an Arsenal fan.
Conor Briant
Lead Analyst
After acquiring an MRes in Economics, Conor moved into the healthcare industry with a passion for supporting quality improvement and addressing inequalities through data. Conor’s experience in healthcare centres around the AHSN Network’s national programmes, health tech evaluations, and population health. Conor is, sadly, an Arsenal fan but looks to his cat and his cocker spaniel to pick him up after matches.
Dana Daderko
Dana joined the Unity Insights team in 2022, shortly after graduating her BSc in Business Management & Digital Innovation. While pursuing her degree, she discovered the world of data analytics and worked as a Business Development Analyst for 1.5 years. Since then, she began obtaining her MSc in Data Science and is excited to keep developing her skills while working on impactful projects. To relax after work, Dana loves to play the piano, go on sunset walks and host game nights.
Fay Maddock
Fay joined the team in November 2021 after graduating with an MSc in Psychological Research. Previously, she has completed an internship in collaboration with Bangor University and Oxford University to examine an NIHR-funded antibullying RCT trial with primary school pupils. Outside of work, Fay enjoys playing the guitar and is an avid festival-goer. At the weekends, you can find her horse riding at her local stables.
Harriet Laing
Harriet completed her Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Stellenbosch at the end of 2022. While studying, she developed her interests in health economics and behavioural economics, as well as an interest in data work related to these fields. Aside from working, Harriet really enjoys being in nature and the experience of travelling to new places.
Ian Mylon
Chief Operating Officer
With a background in the private and public sectors and nearing 20 years’ experience in analytical and leadership roles, Ian has a breadth of knowledge that has been transferrable across industries. His remit includes operational delivery, finance, and reporting, and he can talk for hours on creative dashboard design. When he’s not at work, you can often find Ian enjoying some live sport or music; he watches both better than he plays.
Jack Milne
With an academic background in Biochemistry, Jack has a particular interest in nutrition, pharmacology, and understanding cell signalling involved in prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer. After working for over a year in the Biotech industry, he developed an interest in data analysis and is keen on developing his technical skills over a broad range of projects at Unity Insights. In 2021, Jack was fortunate to be able to live in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands for half a year, where he soaked in as much sunshine as possible before coming back to the UK. Outside of work, Jack loves going on hikes with his dog, cooking, and listening to podcasts/music.
Justin Rocliffe
Senior Analyst
Having worked in, or been associated with, the NHS since 2007, Justin has seen a lot of change and strives to make a difference. He believes that analytics plays a large role, whether through quality improvement, evaluating new products, or conveying impact. He enjoys the challenge of turning big data into dynamic visualisations that can be easily understood by all stakeholders. Outside of work, Justin enjoys spending time with his family and is a sports enthusiast with an interest in the stock market.
Kathryn Hill
HR and OD Advisor
Before joining the team in 2022, Kathryn worked in the private and public sector providing strategic and operational HR support. She achieved her CIPD HR qualifications alongside her previous roles in HR and is now studying for her degree in Psychology. Kathryn is passionate about culture and engagement and is currently supporting the company in organisational development projects. In her spare time, Kathryn likes to find new places to hike with her dog, Red, or try to experiment with oil painting.
Laura Shaw
Senior Analyst
Laura joined the team in 2017 after graduating with an MSc in Health Psychology. Her main focus is on evaluations of products or programmes, working closely with NHS, industry, and academia. Though her main skills lie in qualitative analysis, she leads several projects which utilise health economic modelling. She is an avid lover of cats and Christmas, and spends half the year attempting to grow fruit and veg.
Léa Quentin
Lead Analyst
Léa received a MSc in Engineering from Télécom Physique Strasbourg and an executive MBA from EM Business School. Her areas of focus have included evaluating digital health technologies utilising quantitative, qualitative, and health economics methods; framework design with NHSX and HEE; and previously supporting the European project, MOTION. She is an avid learner with an interest in health economics, social prescribing, and AI technologies. When it comes to hobbies, Léa is a jack-of-all-trades and dabbles in martial arts, running, and dance.
Lucy Shepherd
While obtaining her BSc in Biology from the University of Bath, Lucy developed an interest in both microbiology and population health. Keen to understand more, she completed her MSc in Public Health at the University of Bristol, where she particularly enjoyed learning about health inequalities and infectious disease epidemiology. She joined Unity Insights in December 2023 and is excited to develop skills in Tableau. When not at work, you are likely to find Lucy on the netball court, in the gym, socialising with friends, or walking her dog, Poppy.
Marie-Anne Demestihas
Chief Services Officer
Marie-Anne oversees the development and delivery of specialised portfolios of research, evaluation, and analytics services. She has an interest in the human factor of data-driven solutions in healthcare, and embedding social determinants of health and behavioural approaches to care models. When unable to travel to her home countries, either lounging on a Greek beach or sipping French wine, she tries to escape Cambridge’s grey weather by running and meditating.
Mike Long
Lead Analyst
Mike has a breadth of experience in the analysis of complex data sets, economic modelling, statistics, and research, developed during his background within the pensions and investment sector. He leads a variety of digital health technology programmes and works extensively with AHSNs on health economics, financial modelling, and study design, to critically assess new innovations and assist their spread and adoption. He can often be seen cycling across Europe, lifting heavy objects, or playing the piano to his guppies, who are named after Crystal Palace footballers.
Nicola Ross
Operations Lead
Nicola has a broad range of experience with foundations in Economics and Sustainable Development. She previously worked within the charity sector in roles including business development and quality improvement, with a core strength in implementing new processes and systems, including integrating IT solutions and upskilling staff. Nicola works with KSS AHSN Programme Delivery to embed strong metrics and impact reporting across projects, and develops reporting dashboards for KSS AHSN and the AHSN Network. In her free time, Nicola enjoys spending time with her dog and walking in the countryside.
Peter Aldridge
Senior Analyst
Prior to joining in 2018, Peter worked in financial services, supporting product and process development, quality improvement, and regulatory change. He has undertaken several evaluations, with particular focus on regional stroke services and digital transformation. Peter has also led on activity modelling work using system dynamics techniques, while using his prior experience to support the company’s data protection and information governance processes. In his spare time, Peter enjoys playing the guitar, while trying to get to as many gigs or football and rugby games as he can.
Richard Lee-Wright
Chief Executive Officer
Having worked previously in the private sector, Richard moved to the NHS in 2011, where his experience largely centres on large scale commissioning and transformational change. His focus has always been around utilising analytics and improvement science to demonstrate impact and value. Outside of work, Richard loves playing sports/games, and generally dancing through life.
Sage Bannister
Lead Analyst
After obtaining a BSc in Neuroscience, Sage joined the team in 2019. She has developed a keen interest in understanding health and behavioural economics, and human factors engineering. Sage is particularly interested in projects evaluating AI technologies that are intended for diagnosis, and projects that are clinically focused. Her weekends are spent touring the country for touch rugby tournaments, having joined a team earlier this year.
Sam Sutton
After graduating with an MSc in Chemistry, Sam worked for a biotechnology start up in Cambridge where he witnessed first-hand how technology can be implemented to transform medical research. Keen to apply his scientific background to the field of healthcare analytics, Sam joined Unity Insights in 2022, focusing on the evaluation of AI driven medical technologies. In his free time, Sam enjoys playing football, travelling, and hosting BBQs with his friends.
Tara Moran
Senior Analyst
Before joining the team in 2023, Tara completed a degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Consumer Psychology with Business. After graduating, she developed her research and analytical skills while working in market research with a focus on consumer psychology. While Tara’s previous experience has been in the market research industry, she is enjoying expanding her skills and knowledge into the healthcare sector. In her spare time, Tara loves spending time in her garden, walking, and playing badminton with her local club.
Tom Myers
Lead Analyst
Tom has been part of the team since 2017, having graduated with a degree in Forensic Science. He primarily focuses on supporting the AHSN Network’s metrics and reporting agendas for all national spread programmes, AAC RUPs, and local programmes. Tom also leads on the delivery of analytics for the national NHSI COPD and asthma discharge bundles programmes. Unlike Mike, Tom spares his guppies from piano playing, but they are on the receiving end of his frequent whinges about Newcastle United.
Tommy Hoare
Tommy gained four years of experience working as a community pharmacy assistant before earning a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, followed by a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Leeds. As an Analyst within the team, he is supporting on evaluations of interventions and healthcare policies, including the Sussex Winter Access Fund and the Flu Test and Treat initiative. In his spare time, Tommy enjoys playing his guitar, cooking good vegan food, cycling, and going to the gym.

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