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We work on evaluations across the UK and internationally, evaluating national spread and adoption of innovations throughout the NHS.

Whether it is providing robust evaluations, visualising complex data through Tableau, or providing advice on procurement routes within the NHS, our team utilises evidence to drive change.

The team’s vast experience in the health and care sector enables us to provide services which answer the questions posed by clinical teams, commissioners, and regulatory bodies; driving decisions based on evidence.

Our impact comes from our ability to bring people, resources, and organisations together, delivering benefits that could not be achieved alone.

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Evaluations seek to understand whether an aspect of healthcare (product, pathway, or other solution) meets its objectives.

We look at effectiveness, efficiency, acceptability, equity, and feasibility, among other factors, providing a critical assessment through various robust and real-world processes.

Whilst our approach follows scientific processes and regulatory bodies, we have a clear understanding of real-world settings through our partnerships with NHS bodies, patients, and healthcare staff.

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Data analytics is at the heart of what we do. We employ cutting edge data science techniques and tools to interrogate and conduct in-depth analysis that can support better decision-making.

Quality improvement and pathway redesign
Accurate, interpretable data is an essential element of any successful quality improvement programme. By providing timely access to process and outcome data, measured against agreed baselines, we enable teams to better understand their performance and progress.

Statistical analysis
Our analysis is rigorously backed up with statistical testing, carried out in line with universal scientific standards, to define differences and relationships between groups and measures.

Our work combines a mixture of ‘soft’ approaches, to tackle complex and unstructured problems with multiple stakeholders, and ‘hard’ systems modelling, which provides quantitative analysis and insights to problems that have a clearer structure, metrics, and quantitative outputs.

Our work with analytics.

Health economics

Health economic models are crucial tools to better inform healthcare decision-making and support adoption of evidence-based innovations.

Our unique approach lies in building models using a scientific process, whilst ensuring these can be applied to real-world settings.

Our methodology combines:

  • An emphasis on data: using our access to large datasets but also supporting clients to collect relevant metrics using best practices.
  • A range of models available: including cost-benefit analyses, budget impact models, decision-tree analyses, historic/current/ex-ante analysis.
  • Scenario and sensitivity analyses: (Monte Carlo simulations) are performed to interpret results in a multivariate approach and find a wider range of solutions for our clients.
  • External validation: our user-friendly, flexible, intuitive, and scientifically robust models are reviewed by an independent expert panel.

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Unity Insights provides support to governmental bodies and industry with business intelligence and other ad-hoc advisory services.

We build on a breadth of expertise across areas including analytics, health economics, consulting, research, governance, entrepreneurial, and policy.

Our tailored support service offers early clinical and business advice with ongoing support, evaluation, and implementation services.

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Working closely with Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex’s Industry Engagement team and Tech Navigators, we support a range of stakeholders to move smoothly from the innovation stage to market-readiness.

Through a full evaluation and market research of an innovative product, our work enables companies to alter their business approach where appropriate, to support access to funding and further their growth.

A review of the product allows us to understand the solution’s unique selling point and real value proposition, to explore how the product positions relative to the population’s health needs and ecosystem opportunities.

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Data visualisation

Data visualisation is a key tool to enable engagement, interpretation, and detailed analysis.

Unity Insights often works with highly complex data and needs to translate the messages they present to busy clinicians or stakeholders, who may not have time to delve into the detail. This can be conducted through many means including; engaging dashboards, mapping, summary documents, and infographics, depending on the purpose and outcome required.

Beyond just visualising the data, we connect the user to the data to explain how it is compiled and algorithmized, and the definitions beyond it. This truly open approach does not leave the user confused with “black box” type questions, and enables transparency for assurance.

With the user understanding their data, they can make informed decisions leading to action.

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Quality improvement

In the face of ongoing operational and financial pressures, the NHS needs to continually develop and improve health and care services for patients and staff.

Quality improvement employs a variety of methods, including project management, data collection, and evaluation, to identify and quantify observed changes (positive and negative). This in turn helps to drive safer, effective, patient centred, timely, efficient, and equitable care.

Our team can support rigorous implementation and management of your QI programmes thanks to our extensive experience using HES data, many of the leading national audits, and bespoke data collections.

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