Why men’s health and prostate cancer is important to us at Unity Insights

Prostate cancer is a major health concern, particularly for high-risk groups like Black men and those from socio-economically deprived areas. Black men in the UK have double the risk of being diagnosed with and dying from prostate cancer compared to other men. They also tend to develop the disease at a younger age. This is also apparent across all men from socio-economically deprived areas, where 29% are more likely to be diagnosed at a late, incurable stage.

We need proactive solutions to address these disparities and improve early diagnosis. This is crucial for enhancing survival rates and reducing health inequalities. Early detection can significantly improve outcomes, with 100% of men diagnosed at Stage 1 surviving for five years, compared to just 50% at Stage 4.

The NHS CORE20PLUS5 ambition focuses on reducing health inequalities. Through this, we can make a significant difference to Prostate cancer services. Collaborating on innovative solutions can help ensure that more men receive timely and accurate diagnoses, ultimately saving lives.

Do you have an intervention that could help with the early diagnosis of prostate cancer? If you need evaluation support services, please reach out to us. Contact us today to collaborate on this vital health issue.

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