From QoL (quality of life) to QoWL (quality of work life)

From measuring quality of life in our evaluations to embedding quality of work life in our own organisation

When Unity Insights was founded, one aspect we deemed essential was to look after our workforce as best as we possibly could. Pressures around working conditions and environment can rapidly pose psychosocial risks, in turn, affecting mental health if we don’t get these right.

Any responsible employer would naturally seek to keep their workforce happy and to contribute to their wellbeing. Of course, this needs to be done whilst balancing multiple other continuous business pressures in a relatively uncertain economic and political environment (to put it lightly) or difficulties of a changing work environment. For example, remote working – a not so easy task, at times, especially when growing in size (we are now a team of 35!).

At Unity Insights, team cohesion, integrity, support, and transparent communication are what we strive for and value. We’re passionate about making a difference for the NHS system but also, we try to keep things light, and remain fun and humorous – because everyone has their own personal lives and challenges separate to work. We also think that this transpires into the work we do and how we interact with the stakeholders we deliver our services to.

It might be mental health awareness week, but at Unity Insights, this is a daily focus as we’ve embedded workforce happiness as a strategic objective.

Here are a couple of initiatives we have been testing out. Full disclosure: some work better than others, but we try, we test, and if we fail, we review our approach.

  • 🗣️ External counselling services alongside education podcasts, webinars and a 24/7 legal helpline
  • 💷 Financial wellbeing platforms (including discounts, vouchers and money management coaching)
  • 💻 Flexible working
  • 🔕 No meetings Wednesday – no to videocall fatigue.
  • 🧘 Lunchtime yoga
  • 🧠 Stress management workshops
  • 👍 Mini mental health checks
  • 👥 Peer Support Champions – dedicated and trained individuals within the team to provide a non-judgemental ear.


Here are a couple of pictures from our team away days; whereby our analysts [enters stereotypical picture of introvert analyst in a basement] shine bright and show their true witty selves (sport addicts, rugby professionals, musicians & singers, painters, huge pet lovers, gardeners, amongst many more).

We would love to hear what you do at your organisation to acknowledge and support your workforce with mental health.