Our feedback

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our previous clients have to say:

“I am very happy with my Unity Insights experience. I would work with them and use there services again in the future. I also appreciate their generosity in offering some of the work pro-bono out of their interest in the project and desire to work with young people.”

“I have found the willingness to collaborate from the team incredibly beneficial, specifically with the cohort of younger people in the workshops. The team were very encouraging of my feedback and suggestion and open to any thoughts had. You could tell there was a genuine desire and determination to make it work for the client which was nice to see. My suggestions were always encouraged and I never felt awkward about making them.”

Programme Delivery Team, Local Council

“We are hugely appreciative of all your excellent work and service. We could never have got to this result without you. Thank you!”

Founder, Industry partner

“Not only will the case studies and other pieces of content be useful to us, but the experience of the project and some of the other outputs (i.e. the assurance framework) will be incredibly useful going forward in terms of assuring the evidence we’re sharing in the sector.”

Assistant Director, Industry partner

Would you recommend our service to others?

An impressive average recommendation score of 8.7 out of 10* reflects a strong likelihood of that our valued clients would recommend us, showcasing their trust and satisfaction in our service.

“Great support”

Medical Director, Endoscope-i Ltd

“Your expertise, patience and tenacity in pulling together and presenting a report and economic case. It was a long process, but you have stayed present and committed throughout right to the end. Thank you.”

Director, Industry partner

“Friendly and knowledgeable approach. Felt confident throughout that delivery would be on time and to the highest quality. Fully informed of progress at every stage.”

“Valuable and comprehensive evaluation delivered on time and fully.”

Medical Director, Regional Health Innovation Network

“Worked well with us to analyse the quantitative and qualitative impact of the service”

Service Lead, Industry partner

How satisfied were you with the quality of our service?

100% of clients* were more than satisfied with the quality of our service.

“Communication was very good with regular team meetings and updates.”

Advisor, Regional Health Innovation Network

“Working with the team at Unity Insights was a really smooth experience for the most part. Every member of the team was extremely collaborative and unfailingly responsive.”

Assistant Director, Industry partner

“Having the independent evaluation for our services helps massively on the marketing front with potential customers. It is helping to demonstrate our value in the market.”

Marketing Lead at Feedback Medical

Did our service meet your expectations?

Our clients rated us as exceeding expectations in 88%* of projects.

*based on respondents to our client feedback survey (June 2024).