Health Education England AI Roadmap

27th January 2022

Context of the project

Health Education England (HEE) commissioned Unity Insights to develop a roadmap of AI-driven technologies which were becoming close, or were ready for, market; including when and where they would likely have impact. The Unity Insights team examined the effects on workforce groups, clinical pathways, point of care, and their respective transitioning requirements. The project ran between March and October 2021, involving various stakeholders ranging from Health Education England, NICE, NHS AI Lab, and the NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC).


Detail on the main activities and deliverables of the commission
The main activities and deliverables of the commission


Impact of the work

The current report and its respective dashboard allow the reader to understand the landscape of AI and data-driven technologies that currently exist within the healthcare system, the taxonomies they sit within, their spread and adoption, and their potential impact on workforce. The case studies within the report provide further understanding on the impact of two AI technologies that are more mature in practice and use. Overall, this report can help steer ongoing AI discussions across the system and explores training and workforce needs for all healthcare professionals.

This report expands on the legacy of the Topol review, providing a framework on how to identify and classify AI technologies. The current report is a culmination of significant work and cross-organisation collaboration. This provides valuable insight for leaders in AI policy, education, regulation, innovation and digital transformation, and workforce strategy.


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