In Our Own Words – logic model workshops

31st May 2024


The In Our Own Words project, initiated by Surrey County Council (SCC), endeavours to empower young people to delve into the realm of mental health research. Collaborating with Unity Insights and the University of Surrey, the project equips young people with the tools and support needed to conduct social research on mental health and wellbeing in their local communities. 


Utilising a collaborative approach, Unity Insights facilitated two evaluation workshops. These were designed to develop a logic model, outlining the project’s overarching ambitions and portraying how various activities contribute to wider impacts. Input from peer mentors and SCC’s user participation team helped shape the logic model, developing a foundation of learning and understanding amongst young people in the co-production group.  

Including youth voice in the evaluation of programmes or initiatives for other young people is incredibly important. However, the route to evaluation is not always clear and so we were excited to partner with Unity Insights to support the young people in our co-production group to break down this challenge whilst offering them a new, professional learning experience.” 

A key feature of the project is its flexibility, embodied by the adaptable nature of the logic model. As new impacts and outcomes emerge, the model evolves to reflect the changing landscape of the project’s goals and achievements. 

“I cannot thank Mike, Laura, and Ian enough for their excitement and dedication to this partnership opportunity. They were eager to work alongside me to adapt the design, delivery, and content of the workshops to our young people. They lead the group through the logic model process in a strength-based way, asking them to reflect on their personal experiences of youth participation to identify their desired outcomes and impacts.” 

Lucy Pearson, Programme Coordinator, Surrey County Council 


Looking ahead, the project holds the promise of long-term impact, including increased awareness of mental health issues among young people and improved access to support services. By nurturing a generation of young researchers, the In Our Own Words project not only aims to shed light on mental health challenges but also seeks to empower youth to advocate for positive change in their communities. Unity Insights looks forward to seeing the conclusion of the research programme and the impact it will have in the wider community.  

The workshops were a big hit, the young people were really interested, engaged and were able to offer some great insight and suggestion. They were very proud of what they created and are looking forward to using their logic model as we move forward with the delivery of our youth research programme and evaluating its success.” 


‘It was a great session and really interesting to understand more about logic models.’

‘I really enjoyed using the Miro board to brainstorm all our ideas.’

Quotes from the young people who attended.

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