Lipid Management and FH Programme Evaluation

15th November 2023

Evaluation of Lipids & Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) national spread programme.

Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria (previously AHSN NENC), on behalf of the Health Innovation Network (HIN), has commissioned Unity Insights to undertake an evaluation of this programme to understand the impacts created and to understand how the observed successes have been achieved.

This mixed methods evaluation will consist of two key approaches; quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative element will investigate changes in diagnosis and prescribing rates alongside the spread and adoption metrics to understand the extent to which the changes observed correlate with the work strands developed by HINs. Alongside this, the qualitative element will consist of a combination of interviews and focus groups to understand the project from a local HIN perspective, as well as from other key stakeholders including from executive leaders, external stakeholders, and people with lived experience.

The evaluation report is due by end of December 2023 and will aim to help the HIN to understand the levers for and barriers to success, as well the scale of the impact they have created.



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