NHS Race and Health Observatory – Action Resource Centre (ARC)

15th November 2023

This project aimed to explore racial and ethnic disparities in health and social care and to provide the ARC platform with case studies containing learnings and examples for best practice. The project methodology was split into two key phases to ensure a comprehensive approach.

In the first phase, Unity Insights set out to conduct an exhaustive review of existing policies and legislation concerning ethnic disparities that was then assessed for inclusion against eligibility criteria. The scope encompassed the collation of policies, current literature, and replicable best practices, focusing on priority areas outlined by the RHO. These areas include maternity and neonatal health, the impact of COVID-19, addressing disparities in learning disability care, and enhancing the quality of ethnicity data.

Building upon the foundation established in Phase 1, the Unity Insights team developed case studies based on suitable information gathered from the literature review in the second phase.

The Unity Insights project team will be sharing a full case study on this project soon.

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