7th September 2019

Created by NHS doctors, Pando is a clinical communications platform that enables NHS workers to exchange patient information, make clinical decisions, and manage their workload – making collaboration easy, fast, and secure.

Whilst part of KSS AHSN, the team was commissioned to evaluate the impact of Pando (formerly Forward), including the potential financial benefits to the system.

The evaluation indicated that an acute Trust adopting Pando in specific clinical staff groups could save just under £1m (£922k) from in-year cash and non-cash savings, rising to £44 million should the application be rolled out nationally across all acute Trusts.

On a broader timeframe, this results in a 5-year net present value savings of £6.9M at a trust-level and £340M nationally, should it be fully rolled out. The majority of savings are attributed to time savings for the workforce (non-cash savings). Less than 2% of overall savings were a result of avoiding potential fines from disciplinary action requirements (non-cash savings) and pager savings (cash-savings).

Pando’s partnership with The AHSN Network has contributed significantly to investment leveraged and commercial progress, with 20 jobs created as a result of its growth and attracted £11million of investment. Our colleagues at KSS AHSN continue to work with Pando to support further adoption and spread.


About the study

As with any health economic evaluation, limitations were noted including the sparse availability of data regarding information on data breaches and small sample sizes for the data collected. The variability across sites in terms of socket availability, connectivity issues, and cultural perception of using one’s smartphone, was also raised.

The report highlighted the need to expand data collection to make the health economic model more robust, whilst also looking at a broader variety of types of time recordings, roles, and settings.

Furthermore, the team encouraged Forward to assess sites for implementation carefully to ensure the technology is fit for purpose and explore ways of tailoring features of the application to user groups.


Evaluation produced in 2020 whilst part of KSS AHSN. 

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