The Fast 800

23rd April 2024

The Fast 800 is a weight loss programme that combines , a Mediterranean diet, and exercise. Unity Insights were commissioned to identify the health economic benefits of The Fast 800 programme and evaluate a pilot of the programme within an NHS General Practitioner (GP) practice setting. Weight, waist circumference, and HbA1c (blood glucose) measurements across participants in The Fast 800 were analysed from online programme data and patient survey responses.  A cost-benefit analysis was also performed to identify the potential value of The Fast 800 to the system.

An average weight loss of 5.4kg and an average decrease in waist circumference of 8.4% was reported across obese participants.  Further, there was a 53% decrease in the number of participants with a HbA1c value in the type 2 diabetes range at the time of survey completion.



Qualitative insights suggested 67% participants had a positive experience using The Fast 800, with the most helpful element of the programme being menus and meal plans.



Health economic modelling identified a consistently positive BCR across modelled scenarios, suggesting that The Fast 800 was beneficial per person, for a GP practice population, and when spread across an ICS.  The main benefit identified for the NHS was a reduction in costs associated to type 2 diabetes complications and management costs, where the reduction in costs associated to hypertension were also a key benefit. More generally, participants are expected to see an improvement in their quality of life due to a reduction in obesity levels.  Here, high completion rates of The Fast 800 was the main driver when realising the value of the programme.



Following the recommendations from Unity Insights. the Fast800 team has now improved the usability of the programme, to make it more engaging for participants.  This has been achieved through improving the support through videos and quick and cheap meal plans and creating an app-based service.  The onboarding process for clinicians to refer participants has also been make more efficient.



Overall, The Fast 800 programme appeared to yield benefits for both participants and the wider system, suggesting the programme was effective in its purpose, furthering the existing evidence base of the positive impact of The Fast 800.


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