1st August 2021
European Union

The ADAPT project, an Interreg FCE programme part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), focused on the development of e-health solutions to tackle the issues of social isolation and mobility problems faced by disabled and older people.

Fifteen organisations across the south of England and north of France collaborated to design a smart electronic wheelchair, a virtual reality training simulator and an assistive technology training package for healthcare professionals.

Whilst part of KSS AHSN, the Unity Insights team explored how the project can contribute to the economic development of the Interreg region. The team sought to identify a typical roadmap that health technologies may take to facilitate a successful market adoption. Building upon previous stakeholder mapping, the team worked with partners from academia, healthcare, and industry to ensure a holistic approach.

The team built on the wider experience of KSS AHSN in assisting with market adoption of products within the healthcare sector, contributing knowledge and experience to support the partners in commercialising the outputs of the ADAPT project.

Wider impact

The work the team produced, and the strong relationships built with the partners of the ADAPT project across academia and healthcare, resulted in participation in another Interreg programme, MOTION. These projects have helped to raise the profile of the team within universities and organisations across England and France.

ADAPT is part of the Interreg VA France (Channel) England programme, and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The ERDF has contributed €5.9million towards the total project’s budget of €8.7million.

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