Dr Julian

1st July 2020

Dr Julian is an innovative platform that aims to increase accessibility of mental healthcare, connecting patients almost immediately to mental healthcare therapists by secure video/audio/text appointments.

The platform links into NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services in England, providing an alternative to face-to-face therapy in person by offering therapist appointments at the time that suits the person.

Whilst part of KSS AHSN, our team produced a health economic model comparing the outcomes between Dr Julian and the current IAPT service.


Using data across four providers currently using Dr Julian, and the extensive public IAPT dataset, our health economic analysis indicated an NHS return of £1.33, and a total return (including social benefits) of £2.83 for every £1 spent over five-years.

The evaluation also outlined a range of patient outcomes for Dr Julian, compared to the current IAPT service approach. This helped highlight the wider benefits to patients, professionals, and the system.


Improvements versus current service
Infographic overview of the patient outcomes of Dr Julian
Patient outcomes

Evaluation produced in 2020 whilst part of KSS AHSN. 

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