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CVD Prevention Decathlon

CVD Prevention Decathlon is a 10-week intervention for patients with a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


Pilot evaluation of the capsule sponge test in primary and community care settings.

Bleepa Application

An app has been created to improve patient experience, shorten length of hospital stay, and improve staff communication.

Health Economic Modelling – Proton Therapy

A health economic modelling evaluation into the potential cost savings of using Leo Cancer Care proton therapy machines

Carbon Savings

Carbon costing and economic modelling evaluation on the environmental impact of single-use vs reusable medical apparatus

Enhanced Supportive Care

Health economic analysis into the potential benefits of an Enhanced Supportive Care programme

Dr Julian

Health economic analysis of an innovative platform that aims to increase accessibility of mental healthcare.


Evaluation of Pando, a clinical communications platform for NHS workers.

Mouth Care Matters

Health economic modelling of the Mouth Care Matters programme, a training initiative for improving oral health.